Discount Master


Table of Contents

The discount master screen is used to define discounts and their parameters. A discount may be a transaction discount or a line discount and may be in the form of a percentage off or a dollar amount. A discount can be very flexible in that you can set start and stop dates, start and stop times and days of the week. You can also define more limits to include or exclude stores, customers and items.


The name of the discount.

Discount Type

There are two discount types to select from:


The description of the discount.


There are two possible discount methods:


Enter the amount of the percent off discount or the dollar off discount. Note If left blank the Quasar Point-of-Sale will prompt the user to enter the amount of the discount.


Enter a ledger account only if the discount is to be expensed and will not affect the margin of the item. If no account is entered the discount will reduce the amount of the sale and will reduce the margin of the item.

Loyalty Points

Adding loyalty points limits this discount to be used only by customers who have accumulated enough loyalty points. Customers use their loyalty points to buy the discount at the point of sale. Enter the amount of loyalty points required to buy the discount.

Auto apply to all transactions?

For both transaction and line discounts. Toggle on or off. Toggle on to have the discount apply automatically to every transaction. Note - The application of discounts will always depend on the parameters set in the discount master and these parameters are not over-ridden by the auto apply function.

Allow discount on other discounts

Toggle on or off. Toggle on to allow the discount to be taken on other discounts. Toggle off if this discount will not be taken on other discounts.


Use this area to define the parameters or limits which will cause the discount to be applied.


Toggle on or off. Toggle on if the discount is no longer active. Toggle off to make the discount active again.

Action Icons

- Select the "Save" icon to save the changes to the discount record.

- Select the "Undo" icon to remove any unsaved changes and display the original discount record.

- Select the "New" icon to create a new discount. If the open discount record has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to save it.

- Select the "Delete" icon to delete the discount record.

- Select the "Copy" icon to copy the contents of the discount record to an alternate discount record.

- Select the "Groups" icon to define the groups that the discount will be linked to.

- Select the "OK" icon to file the record.

- Select the "Cancel" icon to cancel the changes to the record.