Price Batch Master


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The selling prices for one or multiple items can be changed in a batch. The batch must be executed for the prices to take effect. Executed batches are stored as inactive for future reference. You may add items manually to the batch, or you may select the items from a department, sub-department or item group.

Batch No

Quasar assigns the next batch number in sequence when the record is filed. You can assign your own batch number if desired.

Price Zone

All prices in Quasar are by price zone. Only stores linked to the price zone can use the prices created from the batch.


The description that defines the reason for creating the price batch.

Price Change Table

Add Items

Click on the add items button to display the add items table.

Clear Items

Select the clear items button to clear all items on the list.

Remove Unchanged

Select this button to remove all items from the batch that are unchanged. Use this feature when you are reviewing the calculated price changes for large volumes of items. The task can be simplified by removing all items for which the price has not changed leaving you only with the changed items to view.

Calculate Prices

Calculates the new selling prices. You may calculate the new selling prices by selecting one of the following:

Round Prices

Click on the round button to round your prices based on your rounding rules defined in the price zone.

Make Labels

Click on the labels button to print shelf labels for all of the items in the price batch.

Execute Batch

Click on the execute button to execute the batch. The prices do not take effect until the batch is executed.

Action Icons

- Select the "Save" icon to save the changes to the price batch record.

- Select the "Undo" icon to remove any unsaved changes and display the original price batch record.

- Select the "New" icon to create a new price batch. If the open price batch record has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to save it.

- Select the "Delete" icon to delete the price batch record.

- Select the "Copy" icon to copy the contents of the price batch record to an alternate payout record.

- Select the "Groups" icon to define the groups that the price batch will be linked to.

- Select the "OK" icon to file the record.

- Select the "Cancel" icon to cancel the changes to the record.


Toggle on or off. Toggle on if the price batch is no longer active. Toggle off to make the price batch active again.